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Cooling Modules




Hefei Sensing Electronic Co.,LTD is Chinese leading NTC manufacturer, starting researching and developing thermal sensitive ceramic powder ,chipping , elements, and sensors from year 1994 . After many years constant efforts , we now achieved mature chipping craft and mass scale production . The variety models of our precise thermistor elements used extensively in household electrical appliances ,Auto.
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electronics , electrical instruments , telecom equipments , medical apparatus, industry meters and military devices .
In the new globalization age, basing on our improvement in chipping manufacturing craft , the increasing demands from global Auto. field , as well as our constant investment in different kinds of thermistor and sensor products , we are now providing products as well as technical supports to European major Auto. brands , to big global players of household electrical appliances , to famous American medical apparatus companies as well ......

Auto. temperature control system/ Medical Devices / Body temperature measurement / Communication equipment / Printer / Copy Machine / Motor / Computer / Optical communication module temperature control / Industrial automation equipment / Temperature control instrument / Microwave oven / Granary temperature measurement / Refrigerator / Air conditioning /
Electric water heater / Dishwasher / Rice cooker / Freezer / Soymilk maker / Mobile phone battery / Charger / Induction cooker / Bread maker / Disinfection cabinet / Electric oven / Fire Alarm / Food storage / Deep Ocean , Sham Tseng ,Glacier temperature measurement / Military and other fields

Manufactured from the oxide of the transition metals –Mn. ,Cu., and Ni . NTC Thermistor are temperature dependant semiconductor resistor . After the processing of sedimentation and Isotactic moulding ,the raw material is baked with high temperature upto 1400℃ ,then the thermistor is formed combined with our advanced semiconductor processing technics

R-T Characteristic
     1.Thermistor/Temperature Sensor
     2.Medical Temperature Sensor

Hefei Sensing Electronic CO.,Ltd Thermistor、Temperature sensor、Sensitive component


Contact Person:    Ms.Monica Qian
Tel: +86-551-65845356
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Fax: +86-551-65845356
Add: NO.212 Xiangzhang Road,High&New Tech Development Zone,Hefei,Anhui,P.R.C.

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